Women's Conference

Women's Conference

Are you struggling to connect in your relationship?

  • Do you argue?
  • ​Do you feel misunderstood?
  • ​Do you want the pain to end?
  • ​Do you wish you could say anything that would help?
  • ​Do you want meaningful connection?
  • Do you feel alone?
  • ​Do you feel disrespected?
  • ​Do you feel like you've tried everything?
  • ​Do you want to honor your commitment to God?
  • ​Do you want to grow closer to God?
Get Support
Use Skills Immediately
Experience Confidence

Strength & Dignity courses help you communicate confidently with your:

  • Husband 
  • Ex-husband
  • ​Children
  • Friends
  • ​Adult Children
  • ​Clients
  • Parents
  • ​Co-workers
  • ​Siblings
  • Teachers
  • ​Grandchildren
  • ​and more...

If you want to be heard and feel connected, you need to attend the Strength & Dignity Conference!

Liza, conference attendee

Need help now?

Three emails with tips you can use today
to begin transforming your relationships.

Since 1991, Nina Roesner has built relationship and communication courses.

The methods of teaching are scientifically proven to have lasting results.

And God has led thousands of women out of despair and into deeper connection with Him and other significant relationships through Greater Impact Ministries.

Nina Roesner, trainer
Still not convinced? Each registration includes:
2 months (4 sessions) of group relationship coaching 
with one of our certified Greater Impact coaches. 
A $400 VALUE!

What makes Strength & Dignity different?

Greater Impact courses are unique learning EXPERIENCES taught with methods that are  scientifically-proven to have lasting results. The conference enables you to practice approaching conflict differently. For 15 years, we haven’t been just telling people how to communicate to create deeper connection; we’ve been walking along side them. Thousands of people have transformed their relationships AND deepened their relationship with God. 

How did they do it?
The answer is simple. They practiced step-by-step with trained leaders. 

So, enroll today and plan to connect  with people who understand what it feels like to have tried everything else out there and still be struggling.
In 3 days you will:
  • ​Learn and practice a proven method to deflate defensiveness in you or others
  • ​Connect with staff who will help coach you on what to say and how to say it
  • ​Gain access to a community of women who understand your pain
  • ​Develop confidence in yourself and your ability to connect deeply
God designed each of us to love Him and others. If we are in a cycle of disrespectful communication, we cannot honor Him or gain the respect of others. Once you learn to stop  the conflict before it even starts, you will create safety and more meaningful connection in your relationships. 

Register today for Strength & Dignity Conference.  Spend 3 days with Nina Roesner and her staff.

Why? Because it’s time to experience the joy and abundant life God intended for you in your relationships!

Is my investment worth it?

How much will divorce cost you? 
How much will your children suffer in damaging relationships? 
How much damage can be done in a single sentence? 
Are you holding on to pain and missing out on the purpose God intended for your relationship? 

Not knowing how to communicate in conflict may 
already be costing you generational damage. 

Change the cycle today!

Reserve your spot!
(Limited Seating)

$847 one-time payment
3-month Installment Plan
for $283/month

Registration includes:
Materials, Room & board
Follow up with
2 months (4 sessions) of group relationship coaching with 
one of our certified 
Greater Impact coaches.
A $400 VALUE!


Jesuit Spiritual Center, Milford Oh 
Arupe House


Thursday 7pm - 10pm  Registration & Session 1

Friday 8am - 9pm  Meals, Sessions, Breaks, Sharing time

Saturday 8am - 9pm  Meals, Sessions, Breaks, Closing Service

Sunday 8am - Noon  Breakfast, Church Service, Check Out