Unlike anything you've ever experienced!

A personal yet support-based community that
deeply connects women to God,
their husband,
and each other.
Unlike anything you've ever experienced!

A personal yet support-based community that
deeply connects women to God,
their husband,
and each other.
Daughters of Sarah® is a 14-week training course that teaches a biblical, application-based perspective on what it means to be a godly wife.
It is offered in a two-part video program run by a local facilitator
in a home or church setting.
What does the course provide?
  • 14 sessions including video training with an optional Refresh! segment for groups who take a break at week 7.
  •  Materials that walk you through a time-tested, proven training method to grow you in the areas of:
  • o Journey Taker
  • o Household Manager
  • o Communicator
  • o Biblical Wife
  • o Woman of Strength & Dignity
  •  Conflict skills training.
  •  How to give your group gentle accountability for growth.
  •  How to provide encouragement and affirmation.
  •  Support and mentorship if needed.
  •  100 daily devotionals, delivered by email when the participant enrolls in the free subscription.
What Others have Said:
From Tracey, class participant
This curriculum is amazing! It will certainly stretch you to the woman that God
calls us to be! If you aren’t willing to get honest and work hard this may not be the right fit for
you but if you are willing to go the extra mile, you WON’T be disappointed! 
Don’t miss the  blessing!

From Jess, course facilitator
Such an amazing resource!!! I learned so much and grew in ways I didn't think
were possible. God is good and He is using this series to impact marriages everywhere. 
It's not an easy course, but the lessons to be learned are worth every minute. 
You won't regret this!!! 
Definitely a resource to use and then to pay it forward! 
What do I need to facilitate this course? 
The following 4 things:
  • Video set
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Manual (1 per participant)
  • 12 Truths book (1 per participant)
Daughters of Sarah Video Sets ©
Video Purchase Options:
  • Parts 1 & 2: $79 Includes 14 videos for the full 14 week course + 1 video to show as a refresher if you choose to take a break in the middle of the course.
  • Part 1: $49 Includes 7 videos for the first 7 sessions of the course
  • Part 2: $49​ Includes 7 videos for the last 7 sessions + Refresh!

Once your video purchase is complete, you'll be invited by email to create a login to our membership site where we host the videos. From there you may stream from your device, connect your device to your TV for viewing, or download the videos to a hard drive. You have permission to download one copy.

Facilitator Guide
A detailed guide that explains how to run your class for each session. Check out our Facilitator Helps page for free optional materials.
12 Truths book
This supplemental book is required extra reading that enhances learning and group discussion.
One per person.
Participant Manual
This manual contains the course assignments and the Redeeming Work Journal.
One per person

Not sure if this course is right for you?
No groups in your area? START ONE. Grab a few trusted friends, and figure it out together – the experience is rich – women around the country run this class over and over again in their neighborhoods and churches due to the shared excitement of women who've taken it. 
And they started just like you, with a few trusted friends.

As you learn to lead Daughters of Sarah®, you will find it deeply impacts women and families in your neck of the woods! See the “Facilitator Helps” page for more options to help you get started.

What we offer is not available anywhere else.  We combine:
  • A unique and proven discipleship method that leaves over 95% of our class members with a deeper connection with God.
  • Biblical truth to build your relationship with yourself & others in a way that gives you a gentle, but strong & dignified (not prideful) sense of who you are.
  • Proven tools of interaction with yourself and others that create mutual respect and the potential for greater love & joy in your relationships!
I feel called
to this!

Daughters of Sarah is for use with small groups of women in a live setting. 
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we give permission to conduct a Daughters of Sarah class via video call 
You may not on work through the course on social media venues as
the results may be significantly less from these venues and the copyright forbids it.

The video purchase gives you permission to make one copy of the Daughters of Sarah® course videos.
You may save them to a hard drive, to your device, or burn your own DVD disc.
(Note: If you are saving to a tablet such as an iPad, you may need to download an app that enables you to save videos to it.)

Questions, please contact us.