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Daughters of Sarah on Video©

Daughters of Sarah on Video  is a two-part video series which allows you to choose between a 14 week long class or two 7 week sessions with an additional session called Refresh! to help get your group back in the swing of things after their 3-5 week break.

The course is meant to be done in groups with 6 or fewer members, as some activities are timed.  If you have a larger group, you can still run the class by breaking into smaller groups of 4-6 women and using central timing as explained in the Facilitator Guide.

Below is the list of supplies you will need and the optional free downloads you may utilize for your class.

What You Need to Lead Your Class:


  1. Daughters of Sarah Participant Manual (workbook). One per participant
  2. 12 Truths to Change Your Marriage, by Nina Roesner
  3. Daughters of Sarah Video Sets – The videos are an essential part of running the class. They are downloadable. We recommend you save them on an external hard drive or your computer.
  4. DAUGHTERS OF SARAH FACILITATOR GUIDE – a must have – it provides step by step instructions for each session. The class will not make sense without this guide. This is unlike other training experiences. A large part of running it comes from the facilitator becoming familiar with the process – Nina essentially runs much of the first several sessions for you via the video set, then over time, you will take over more of the class activities. Please contact us  with any questions you may have.
  5. Each member of your class may sign up for the Daughters of Sarah Devotional which is a daily email containing the scriptures from the Character Cards and brief encouragement from Nina Roesner. Please give each of your class members the link to receive the devotionals. This may replace the Quiet Time in an Organza Bag cards which are the Scripture cards we formerly used. If you prefer, you may print the cards to give out as a set. The link to the pdf file is also listed below.
  6. Enrollment Form – 2 pages, updated (protection for you as the leader)

Paper Printables (Optional):


Downloads to help Publicize Your Class:

Handouts to print and/or share:

IMPORTANT: Daughters of Sarah is for use with small groups of women and we do not give permission for use in internet classes or webcasts – the results are significantly less from these venues and the copyright forbids the use of the videos in this way.

During the covid-19 pandemic, we give permission to hold Daughters of Sarah meetings via video call.