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Here's why we want you to wait to take the eCourse - 
The Biblical instructions God gives to wives regarding submitting to their husband is important. We discuss this topic quite a bit in the eCourse community and encourage the women to embrace Biblical submission. While we acknowledge it isn't a small concept and understanding it and how it plays out
(a woman isn't property of the man she marries, 
nor should she join in or endorse sinful behavior - that's *not* submission), 
it's also true is that women do *not* need to submit to the man they aren't married to. 

This distinction in relationship makes applying the Strength & Dignity material 
to a dating situation potentially dangerous. If you are dating or living with someone who expects submission and you are in our eCourse which is for married women where we are encouraging submission, you may be misled into staying in a relationship that isn't safe for you.

And couples who live together are missing a component of commitment that comes with the legal entanglement and social proclamation of marriage. 

The discussions we have in the eCourse community with wives who are trying to impact their relationship simply aren't the same as the ones we would have with women who are living with a partner. Additionally, the ceremony of marriage in front of friends and family provides accountability, whereas the activity of merely living together lacks this.

We find that in situations such as dating or living with a partner,
we are not currently prepared to provide full courses in training or education.
Another element to consider if this is you - you are engaged to a man and your relationship has a significant amount of conflict in it - our advice is to reconsider the marriage altogether, as things typically become more challenging over time, not better.

It's best to learn some skills now that have the potential to improve your ability
to choose a future spouse who is good for you.

That's why we're offering you this free 4-session email course to help with that.
Consider joining me as I walk you through Greater Impact's proven process 
to help you deeply connect with God, yourself, and others. 

Get a free taste of our life-giving training experience that's in all our courses.

Receive tips on how to:
  •  make new connections quickly
  •  deepen connections you already have
  •  create emotional intimacy with your closest relationships
  •  utilize the connection potential during conflict
  •  get a sampling of the content from our paid eCourse
Please consider coming back and joining us in Strength & Dignity eCourse after you set a date or tie the knot!
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We now have a FREE podcast "What to Say & How to Say It" 

All of us have moments where we discover we need to show up differently.
The problem is few of us grew up in homes where 
we learned what to say & how to say it. 
We don't have the words. We haven't seen it modelled.
So, we stay stuck.

Topics in our Podcast include helping you learn words to say 
that will help you navigate the challenging situations you find yourself in.

Move forward with new information and get help using what works in relationships by learning what to say & how to say it.

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