Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question which is not found here, please contact us.

While there are groups of women doing our courses around the world, we’re typically not notified of them. We encourage you to try one of two things: Contact your church and ask to have one of our courses offered there or begin a small group of your own.

Weekend training events are available nationally and internationally. We will work with your organization to customize the training to fit your needs. If you are interested in bringing a training to your area, please let us know through booking info.

Yes, our team members are certified trainers and are regularly asked to speak on a variety of Christian topics, including leadership, marriage, parenting, public speaking, and conflict. Please let us know your needs through booking info.

We tailor-fit each Retreat Weekend to each group’s specific requests. Our retreat format includes every woman present, whether married, single, widowed, or divorced. All of our retreats utilize a delivery method that encourages participants and helps them feel loved, walking away with life skills that impact all of their relationships, not just marriages. Book a retreat here.

As of 2024, we host our paid eCourses on Facebook or for those who don’t want to be on Facebook, on a membership site here Home | Greater Impact. All our paid courses are private.

We also have a private free course that is hosted on Facebook. It will teach you some fundamentals to prepare you for the full eCourse which is a paid space.

We also have some public spaces that can be joined by anyone.

We want to first encourage you to find Titus 2 women in your local church with whom you may learn and grow. If you still feel like your question has not been answered after seeking advice in your local community, you might try searching Nina Roesner’s blog for the topic that you are dealing with.

One of the tenets that we teach is life balance, and to maintain that in our own lives, we cannot personally speak with every individual outside of the blog and eCourses, nor are we licensed counselors.

We do want to pray for you, and we have a vibrant prayer ministry of over 70 people who petition God on your behalf. You can connect with our prayer team via email by contacting us here.

The best way to learn is by doing. We suggest you take one of our online courses and/or participate in our coaching program or attend a conference. What we offer is listed here.

We are so excited to have women around the globe participating with us in ministry. The first place we ask you to start is with our prayer team. After spending a minimum of six months on our prayer team, if you still feel led by God to approach us about ministry, we would love to hear about that. The link to join the prayer team is right here.

Of course, we’re always blessed to have people join our ministry through financial giving. Greater Impact Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry where your tax-deductible donation goes directly to staffing needs and the development of new course materials and videos to reach families around the world. Click here for more information.